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Basement often used to make use of space concepts, is not much different from the other room. So the basement is used for the living room, family room and so on the reason is because, in some specific countries, there are authorities for rules that limit the maximum size of a building so that the building up could only be made two or three floors only, should not be more; Such rules apply in many countries in Europe, especially in Western Europe. But regardless of the intended use and function definite structure to create elements that exist below the surface of the land consists of several types, each type of basement has characteristics of its own and function are sometimes not always the same, according to the concept of creation, one of which is a walk-out basement. According Basement Finishing Contractors, walk out basement kind normally applied to the building or house which is located in the plains of flat or sloping.

The advantages of this basement is accessible directly from the outside of the building, while the other room inside the building can be accessed through the floor that position is above the basement, so, that in addition to the garage, basement like this can also be used to make the rooms and so on.