The Anatomy of Kayaks

All types of kayaks have the same name for each of its parts; it is only the shape, size and material of the kayak which is different according to manufacturers and technologies. Thus, there usually will not be a different name for the same parts of an Killer Kayak and a polo kayak. So, in this article, then, some of the parts of the anatomy of kayaks will be discussed briefly in the following.

1.    Bow and Stern
A bow is the front or nozzle of a kayak that serves as the destination and also as a means of breaking waves. As for the stern or aft, it is the back part of the kayak. The position of the bow and the stern sometimes can be confusing for those who are beginners with kayaking. The tip to recognize the bow and the stern is by looking towards the sitting paddler.

2.    Gunwale Line or Line Painter
A gunwale line or line painter is the side of the kayak which serves as a counterweight for the rowers. It is to know whether the boat is raised according to the weight or not. The right side is called starboard and the left side is called portside.

3.    Hull
The hull is the bottom of the kayak. The shape is different depending on what type of kayak to use.

4.    Deck
The deck is the top of the kayak to protect the legs to make it easier to do Eskimo roll techniques. The front deck is known as the foredeck and the back is known as the afterdeck.

5.    Cockpit or Seating Room
The cockpit is a space used as the seat of the paddler or rower of the kayak. The position of the cockpit is different according to the design and use of the kayak.

6.    Seat
Seats are located in the cockpit and the seating is divided into several types namely the standard seating which has the shape and size of the equipment, the simple seating which is common for recreational kayaks, the tight seating which is used in the swift current and competitions.