Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension

You will be considered to be suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure if the results of several examinations, keep your blood pressure reaches 140/90 mmHg or higher. If your blood pressure is high, monitor closely until it is running and can be controlled properly. Doctors usually recommend changes in lifestyle that included in the treatment for hypertension as well prevention. The move can be implemented through:

– Eat healthy foods
– Reduce salt and caffeine
– Exercise regularly
– Quit smoking
– Reduce alcohol consumption
– Lose weight (if necessary)

Prevent hypertension is easier and cheaper than treatment. Therefore, prevention should be done as early as possible. If left in place too long, hypertension can lead to complications that can even be life-threatening infected. Visit our website on and find a variety of articles about high blood pressure and make the guidelines you to lower your blood pressure or your loved ones.