Don’t share the hoaxes about the Jakarta election

There are so many hoaxes regarding the news of Jakarta’s governor election of 2017. There are so many fake news websites which are trying to get as many subscribers as they can get, in order to make the quick profit out of people misinformation. That’s why it will be a good idea for you to visit to get the trustworthy news while also avoiding the hoax news at the same time.

The hoaxes are usually made by the fake news websites which are trying to mislead some people, and they’re hoping that the people on the internet will subscribe to them, so their site will be visited even more by the people. When it happens, they will get more money, but they’re giving the fake news for the people in return. Share your news carefully, due to some of the hoaxes might trigger some people to do some irresponsible actions that will ruin the peace during the election.