Plastic Surgery: Cheek Implant

Many women who want a face with the jaw and cheek bones rather prominent. For those of you who have lost density form of cheek as a result of ageing, premature loosening of the cheek, or has flat cheekbones, then the cheek implant at the plastic surgeon in seattle could be a solution to restore your confidence.

This procedure involves the placement of an implant that is placed near the cheekbones for an ideal appearance or in the middle of the cheek to give the lost volume. In addition, it could also do with a reduction technique cheekbone (zygoma or Cheek Bone Reduction) is to make the cheekbones stand out so that the face looks “wide”.

But for those who have a round face shape (chubby), Buccal Fat Removal method is commonly used to remove fat cheeks, so cheekbones look more prominent (face shape V). You should not perform this procedure when you have skin that is too loose. The condition is better dealt with by a Facelift or face the withdrawal procedure or Yarn Plant.