The reasons behind elephant existence

Every living being exist because of a reason, and each of them serve a purpose for the planet. One of the most important animals that will be necessary for the survival of the other living beings are the elephants. Elephant is not meant to be caged or to be shown in a circus show. It’s functioned as the key species of the forest. As we know the trees can’t spread their seeds by themselves, and that’s why the elephants are existed. They eat many kinds of trees and fruits, and their poops help the forest to spread the seed of new trees. You can join the elephant sanctuary thailand to help us save the elephants.

Without elephant, the forest will gradually become balder, and so the source of our oxygen will be depleted during the day, due to the trees as the oxygen manufacturer from nature has been diminished. Furthermore, the forest as the world water storage will be wiped out of the surface of the planet, if the elephants are extinct due to our own actions.