Components of the piping must be made based on standard specifications Listed in symbols and codes that have been created or selected previously. Selection of piping materials to be adapted to the manufacturing engineering of piping and this can be seen on the ASTM and ANSI in the following distribution, piping for power plants, piping for industrial material oil and gas, pipelines for crude oil refining, pipelines for the transport of oil, piping for the cooling process, piping for nuclear power, transmission and distribution piping for gas. Aside from the use of the installation or construction as described above is also important to note the flow type of temperature, corrosion properties, style factors and other needs of the flow and the pipe. To find information about plumbing, you can get in http://www.plumbing-electriciancourses.co.uk

Piping connections can be grouped as follows:

1. Connection using welding

2. Connection using screw

In addition to the above, there is also a connection such as a special grafting using gluing (adhesion) and clamping (for pipes and pipe plastic Fibre glass). In refining generally low-pressure pipe and pipe under 2 “alone that use a threaded connection.